Referral Portal

Cantata’s Referral Portal streamlines care coordination, fractioning the amount of time it takes your staff to screen and accept new residents. A unified view into clients’ records gives your organization the speed needed to win referrals, plus the insight to select ideal residents for your facilities.

Key Benefits

Stand out in your network

Traditional care coordination processes are a logistical time sink where resources and opportunities get lost in translation. By equipping your liaison staff with a centralized, electronic platform, Cantata’s Referral Portal helps eliminate guess work, paper-based workflows, and phone tag from the pre-admission episode.

As a result, staff can spend more time nurturing referral relationships. And since hospitals are under financial and regulatory pressure to relocate patients as soon as possible, an efficient pre-admissions process will push your facility to the top of organization’s preferred provider lists.

Optimize your census

With a streamlined yet comprehensive method for gathering patients’ records, the Referral Portal helps organizations easily spot perfect-fit prospects: clients whose needs align with your facility’s unique specialties. Additionally, the Portal allows remote workers to access information about their facility’s availability threshold, such as open bed count, ensuring they only admit residents they can properly accommodate.

Advanced screening tools within the portal make it easy for providers to spot “red flags” in patients’ records, helping them avoid acquisitions that could jeopardize their facility financially, reputationally, or legally.

Forecast financial outcomes and maximize PDPM reimbursements

Pre-admissions interviews can help your organization predict and harness control over its future financial state – but only if your staff has the tools to verify payment information and zero in on financial influencers remotely. As PDPM broadens the lens through which staff must evaluate residents for reimbursement purposes, providers need a reliable method to gather a complete patient profile during pre-admissions.

The portal provides staff with predictive insights into resident traits that could impact PDPM reimbursements. It also sets MDS coordinators up for success with all the information they’ll need to optimize and expedite the five-day MDS assessments, which determine PDPM payment rates for a resident’s entire length of stay.

Sharpen your marketing strategy with data analytics

By gathering and tracking trends like referral history per facility or physician, organizations can get a holistic view of their most, and least, active partnerships. This kind of insight can allow your staff to spend more time nurturing their symbiotic relationships. It can also help facilities catch and remediate down trends before a reliable referrer drops off over time.

On the flip side, by pinpointing which organizations have never passed many referrals your way, you’re one step closer to uncovering why. Once you’ve established a process for efficiently accepting best-fit residents and you’ve reaped an uptick in successful clinical outcomes as a result, you’ll need a way to prove it to referring entities. Today, data and survey results speak louder than anything else!

The Result?

Stronger referral relationships, improved care outcomes, reduced readmissions, higher star ratings, and most importantly: a healthier community.

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