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“Arize EHR is a uniquely flexible and user-friendly platform that allows us to create sophisticated clinical and billing workflows while offering both patients and providers the best possible experience.”

David Schwam, CEO of WellQor

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Cantata Health Solutions offers the most comprehensive digital health management environment for providers of behavioral health, human services, acute care, and post-acute care.

Mental Health Resources developed a relationship with Cantata Health Solutions in May 2022. Since then, the Cantata team and the Arize Solution have met and exceeded our expectations on every level. The Arize team has been with us every step of the way in building, implementing, and achieving a live working platform. The Arize Solution has been custom-built to meet the needs of our staff so that we might better meet the needs of our clients.

Brad Rikel

Executive Director, Mental Health Resources, Inc.

We at Stop Stigma Now greatly appreciate the support of our friends at Cantata Health Solutions. We need the support of the entire community, and I appreciate Cantata stepping forward and taking a leadership role in showing support for our cause. I think the folks at Cantata are particularly aware of the issue of stigma from their many years of work with clients offering substance abuse treatment.

Sy Demsky

President, Stop Stigma Now

Arize is far and above the most cutting-edge EHR Software in the behavioral healthcare industry. As a large, comprehensive provider of behavioral health services with complex billing and patient care needs, we are excited to upgrade to this innovative solution.
Pamela Lindeman

President and Chief Executive Officer, Child Focus