More Than an EHR

Enterprise Health Management

You’ve Been on a Journey

You’ve migrated from billing engines to EMR’s, to EHR’s and HIE’s. You’ve invested countless hours and effort just to be able to say, “Yes, Meaningful Use…1, 2, 3.” All of this just to stay in business and keep your revenue flowing. After meeting endless quality measures,  has it really led to better care?

Evolution of the Health Record

Health Record Evolution

What if all those ideas, those ideals, converged, and became real?

What if you could you make a reasonable investment to secure a complete set of tools, built with the very newest technology, that would make all the data you collect useful? Useful improving care. Person-centric care. Useful improving financial operations. Confident you’ve maximized revenue.

Welcome to Enterprise Health Management

Enterprise Health Management Solution

An EHR and so much more.

Where a group of seasoned healthcare technology veterans with, literally, over 1,000 years of experience, joined together. And together, they built a complete, flexible affordable solution. Convergence EHM.

Welcome to Cantata Health Solutions.

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