About Cantata Health Solutions

Brightening The Future of Healthcare

At Cantata Health Solutions, our priority is helping healthcare businesses thrive. We believe that by giving you the tools and information you need through efficient and effective technologies, you and your team will be better equipped to give your patients and their care the time and attention that they deserve and alleviate some of the daily stress that too often accompanies healthcare workers today.

Our goal is to build a brighter future for healthcare staff, patients, and businesses large and small across the country by improving the systems you use every day.

Acute Care


Secure Data Exchange



Improving Acute Care Technologies

Optimum provides industry-leading financial software for acute, post-acute, rehabilitation, and behavioral health organizations. Our industrious and innovative team is passionate about increasing revenue and cash flow, reducing AR days, improving operations, and enhancing the revenue cycle process. We understand that maintaining a quality product that retains flexibility within an everchanging health care industry is a mission that requires constant attention and we are dedicated to continuing to meet this goal each and every day.

What Sets Us Apart

When it comes to revenue cycle management and general financials, our flexible software, extensive experience, and collaborative partnership with our clients to improve our systems put us a step above the rest.

Here’s what sets us apart

User-configurable ADT flows, work queues, claims processing, and follow up rules

User-configurable ADT flows, work queues, claims processing, and follow up rules

Experienced customer support personnel

Our dedicated US-based support team has decades of experience helping organizations like yours solve important problems.

Ability to manage third-party payor contracts

In addition to payor contract management, our software supports complex reimbursement schemes and models contract performance.

Our Values

Recognize More Revenue

Better financial management software can save you time, reduce errors, and lead to collections that would otherwise be lost. Our systems help you recognize more revenue and create more efficient processes so your team can thrive through.

  • Flexibility in design means cleaner claims and fewer denials resulting in a reduction of data errors.
  • Automatic processing rules reduce the need for user intervention in the management of accounts.

Compliance Made Easy

Regulation changes are all too common place in healthcare. But we are always at the ready. We are constantly working to create additional state and federal regulatory modifications in the application to assist our clients in maintaining compliance at all times.

Where We’re Going Next

Reducing Customer Costs

We are going beyond claims and collections to help your organization achieve financial well-being. We are working on product improvements to eliminate third-party licenses and expenses so you have more resources available to provide the highest quality care.

Consolidated Data

We believe that simplifying your processes is a good thing. That’s why we are incorporating clearinghouse claims data within Optimum’s Revenue Cycle Management system so you have one less step to worry about.

Improved KPIs Dashboard

When it comes to a healthcare organization’s financial health, data is everything. Our team is working on the latest enhancements to the Central Business Office Key Performance Indicators dashboard so you have the data points you need in an easy-to-use format.


Real-Time Data for More Informed Decisions

Cantata Health’s Convergence Care Platform is a unique and groundbreaking client-centric application with emphasis on whole-patient care allowing patients and clinicians to see real-time data to make faster, more informed decisions. Our team’s focus on empowering our customers by providing seamless integrations and a secure access-to-care portal. By providing a complete medical history at the user’s fingertips, our end-to-end solution covers all information for the lifecycle of a patient’s medical journey.

What Sets Us Apart

The Convergence Care Platform makes your data work for you so you always have secure and immediate access to the information that you need and want without having to jump through hoops to find it.

Here’s what sets us apart

EHR Agnostic Platform

Integrate with any system in a snap to ensure your data is conveying the whole picture.

Extensive Library of ETL Tools and data mappings

Make your data work the way you need it to with a variety of robust tools.

Behavioral Health Workflow Expertise

Capture the nuances of various workflows through configuration instead of development.

Secure Access-to-Care Portal

We improve the customer experience by providing individual and family access points through our easy-to-use portal. In addition to patient and family access options, we provide simple and secure communication avenues throughout the community of providers to ensure that your team is connected to everyone you may need to send or receive information from.

  • Strict adherence to security standards means you never have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands.
  • Increase provider referrals using our streamlined referral portal process.

Integrated Options For Every Provider

Convergence offers every provider within the network the ability to integrate with their own existing tools, models, and data. Alternatively, authorized organizations can use the data analytics tools provided with the Convergence Care Platform.

Where We’re Going Next

Improving How People Engage in Their Own Care

We are proud to continually be working to provide patients with cutting-edge tools and complete information that empowers them to have the highest level of active engagement in and understanding of their medical care. We believe that giving them unfettered access to their providers, their treatment plans, lab results, medications, and scheduled appointments throughout the course of their care and across the entire care continuum is the best way to keep patients informed and engaged.

Expanded Comprehensive Directory of Programs and Services

The Convergence Care Platform allows for care collaboration across both organizations and communities through a comprehensive directory of available programs and services offered. We are continually working to expand our directory and our closed-loop referral workflows to further support configurable alerting ensuring people get to their appointments and tracks referral outcomes.

Furthering Whole-Person Healthcare

By providing a true integration of all the needs of a person into an electronic coordinated treatment plan we are always striving to take the concept of whole-person healthcare to the next level. We are constantly working toward this goal by building and improving upon robust systems that are simple to use.