Convergence Care Platform

Convergence Care is a person-centered care coordination platform and data infrastructure that supports medical and community services, making it easier for providers and care coordinators to make appropriate decisions in a timely fashion with near real-time data.

It is a hosted care coordination solution designed to exchange, integrate, and provide data, manage incoming and outgoing referrals; and connect to a network of providers and support secure data sharing.  It is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution, which can be configured to meet the needs of large-scale implementation.

Providers and care coordinators will be able to use the platform to access health and administrative data, including program interactions, health summaries, assessments, PMP records, and social determinants of health information.

The Convergence Care platform will provide an inventory of available services allowing for care collaboration across both organizations and sectors. It further supports configurable alerting identifiers where the patient is so one doesn’t have to continually check on referral outcomes.

Convergence Care will also:

  • Generate staff efficiencies including improved workflow and analytic support
  • Provide integration and analytics to identify and address gaps in service
  • Deliver person-centered service by –
  • Reducing redundancy
  • Finding applicable healthcare and social service specific to the individual needs
  • Providing transition of care alerts
  • Monitoring outcomes
  • Increasing engagement by supporting secure messaging