Family and Consumer Portal

It is everyone’s legal right to have access to their medical records. By offering clients a unique login to their health data, they can better manage their health and stay on top of their treatments and appointments. Cantata’s Family and Consumer Portal is a part of Arize EHR. We take a new, non-traditional approach when it comes to client portals. Rather than having to configure and maintain a separate application, clients are simply a different type of user to the EHR. This allows us as a vendor and you as a customer to serve clients with the full power of the application rather than just a small subset of features.


Key Functionality

Enterprise Health Management Solution

In the Family and Consumer Portal, clients can:

  • complete necessary documentation
  • upload/share scanned images and forms
  • request appointments or appointment changes
  • view test results
  • pay bills via credit/debit card
  • communicate with providers
  • and much more!

Other authorized persons (i.e., family members) can also access this information, as well.

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