Provider Portal

Cantata’s Provider Portal helps clinicians streamline workflow processes and manage their clients from any location and any device. The Portal can offer powerful insights and great visibility into client data that can be used to inform decision making about care and treatment options. By allowing for paperless transactions between providers and payers, the Portals reduce administrative costs associated with manual paperwork processing while also making it easier for clinicians to manage their tasks more efficiently.

Key Features

Enterprise Health Management Solution

The Provider Portal can be integrated into your existing system. Upon logging into the portal, providers can: 

  • Securely message internal and external providers, clients, and their family members
  • Access all clinical, medical, and administrative information
  • View calendars and schedule appointments for clients
  • Receive care coordination alerts
  • Manage referrals
  • Complete online forms
  • Access the Provider Directory
  • Manage Risks
  • View and manage census and bed availability

And much more!

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