Computerized Prescriber Order Entry (CPOE)

An indispensable tool for clinicians, Computerized Prescriber Order Entry (CPOE) possesses unique system flexibility that encompasses every aspect of patient care. Its exceptional Clinical Decision Support (CDS) features provide users with comprehensive, customizable clinical alerts to assist in daily evaluations while preventing alert fatigue. CPOE supports all order types and enables users to create unique order entry criteria. This flexibility allows clinicians to generate succinct order entry forms and patient documentation, as well as coordinate with local regulations and facility mandates.

CPOE Functionality

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Order Entry

Order Entry

By streamlining order entry, clinicians can reduce errors caused by illegible orders. CPOE offers a single order entry screen for easy viewing and supports a variety of user-defined order types including Medication, Nursing, Lab, Radiology, Dietary, and many more.

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Information Management

Information Management

One unified database, one integrated EHR for all. All information is shared across our individual clinical applications with a single database to facilitate interdepartmental communication. Our web-based design allows clinicians to access patient charts, test results, and all other necessary information from a remote location, with no information stored on site. 

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Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision SupportClinical Decision Support (CDS) systems have a number of important benefits, including an improvement in the quality of care, patient outcomes, and staff efficiency, as well as a reduction of errors, adverse drug events, and superfluous spending. Our products not only enable clinicians with intuitive decision support software but do so intelligently so as to avoid encumbering clinicians with alert fatigue.

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Medication Reconciliation

Medication ReconciliationA comprehensive medication reconciliation process which enables clients to address and reconcile patient medication lists at several points during patient admission without the burden of cumbersome and redundant paperwork. This feature permits clinicians to not only update a patient’s medication list but also stay informed of any changes.

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Order Co-Sign Module

Co-Sign ModulePhysicians can approve orders simply and efficiently with the Order Co-sign Module. This feature streamlines order fulfillment by eliminating the time spent searching for physicians in a busy facility setting. A centralized authentication system permits remote physician approval by requiring positive user identification before proceeding.

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Integrated Drug Monographs and Medical References

Drug MonographsA useful tool for clinicians, integrated drug monographs and medical references provide medical staff with important information for making accurate and responsible patient assessments. Our database can be referenced from multiple locations, and accessed by all clinicians. Pharmacists have access to the American Hospital Formulary Service database and can share useful drug information with other clinicians using these references and clinical Progress Notes.

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Integrated EHR Diagnostic Results

EHR Results

Relaying information between departments is one of the most important functions of a complete system. We incorporate diagnostic results into each step of the care process, allowing physicians, pharmacists, and nurses to view, record, and assess the results to better treat their patients. Our integrated EHR diagnostic results improve workflow and reduce errors by providing ensuring clinicians have access to critical patient information.

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Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR)

Enterprise Rx (Pharmacy Management)