More Than an EHR

Providers today are relying on their electronic health record to perform functionality that goes beyond its capability. They need an integrated system that adds meaning to the data, which is exactly what Cantata’s Enterprise Health Management Solution can do.

3 Reasons You Should Update Your Behavioral Health Software

In the rapidly evolving behavioral health industry, providers should ask themselves if their current technology, including their EHR, is adept enough to handle the rising caseload. As we slowly return to life pre-pandemic, providers must assess which methods to keep and which to abandon.

Why Integrated Care is Necessary for the United States

Integration in health and human services remains an elusive goal. Which is curious, since it is important to both consumers and payers, for different reasons. The current state of coordination of care for most consumers is far from “coordinated.” In many cases, basics like trying to get records from one health care professional to another or just getting an appointment with a specialist can take herculean efforts. And when you add in integration with all the services that a person/or family system needs, the efforts are tripled.

New Year, New EHR. It’s Time to Arize

Arize gives clinicians, caregivers, and informaticists an edge by offering the most robust tools, interoperability options, and workflows for behavioral health, ambulatory care, human services, and other types of healthcare entities. Learn more about the solution and what benefits it can bring your organization in the new year!