In November, Cantata Health Solutions acquired ProComp Solutions, a company that provides state-of-the-art software to behavioral health providers across the U.S. Along with the acquisition came their person-centered care platform Arize. Arize gives clinicians, caregivers, and informaticists an edge by offering the most robust tools, interoperability options, and workflows for behavioral health, ambulatory care, human services, and other types of healthcare entities. Learn more about the solution and what benefits it can bring your organization in the new year!


Arize is a full-featured EHR and revenue management solution addressing the full gamut of patient administrative and clinical care needs. It is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution with a robust set of configuration tools, which can be used to meet the needs of small and large-scale implementations. It is now part of the Convergence Care Platform, which is a scalable cloud-based care solution designed to exchange, integrate, and provide data to stakeholders and support secure data sharing.


The Arize Difference

Arize is built with an adaptive person-centric design that offers a seamless device-agnostic experience. Accessible from computers, phones, iPads, and other tablets empowers the provider to use the information to direct care and make actionable decisions.

The system provides a comprehensive view of the client record. The 360-degree view or the record facilitates the release of information forms and workflows. The patient banner can be configured to address organization requirements.

While Cantata provides many standardized clinical forms in the “out-of-the-box” solution, the system is configurable and easily customized to meet current and future needs. This allows the generation of new or modified document templates supporting, assessments, care plans, and progress notes. It delivers support for specific locations or processes, for example intake processing, or for specific service areas. Examples would include primary care, emergency services, social services, psychology, or dietary services.

Custom data fields can be added, grouped, required, or removed based on the desired program or service workflow. Configuration can be set at the program, service, or clinic level, and many options can even be set at the user level (e.g., the color palette).  

Easy-to-use reporting and analytical tools also provide for actionable interventions, including measures such as the timeliness of services provided, allowing stakeholders to access available and alternative resources, and a review of screening and assessment models utilized. Impact analysis can then be performed to validate process modifications and verify improvements in service allocation and outcomes.


Arize has the tools to create a comprehensive care plan quickly and collaboratively through an easily navigable and intuitive user interface. It is customizable to the organizational needs and supports entry and modification of other documentation associated with the client including visit notes, assessments, conversations, and attachments. Arize facilitates team-based care coordination and case management across organizations, supports a multidisciplinary care team, organizes, and integrates data, presents an accessible care plan on laptops and other portable devices, allows team members to securely communicate with each other, and supports robust tasking to help ensure that a client receives care in a timely and effective manner. Arize provides great functionality and value, improving clinical and administrative workflows and outcomes, resulting in process improvement leading to reduced costs and happier staff in the new year!


Learn more about Arize here and contact us to request a demo!


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