Enterprise Health Management for Behavioral Health

We have all heard the news — demand for behavioral health services is expanding at an extraordinary pace. Whether a result of the pandemic, society’s role in helping mitigate the stigma of seeking behavioral health services, or some other factor, people are much more motivated to seek help when feeling emotionally unwell. To meet this growing demand, healthcare providers are looking to their current electronic health record (EHR) systems and finding they need them to perform beyond their current capabilities. What providers need are the most technologically advanced solutions that can help collect, track, and report on all the clinical and business data generated by the influx of new clients. They need an integrated system that adds meaning to their data, enabling them to make better decisions for their client’s treatment and for the health of their organization’s business. Cantata’s Enterprise Health Management Solution is purpose-built to do precisely that.

Enterprise Health Management Solution

Clinicians must have the most complete understanding of their clients possible in order to treat them effectively, including being aware of the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) that can affect a wide range of health and quality-of-life risks and outcomes, including, but not limited to:

With a fully centralized system, providers have direct access to all types of information that help them learn more about each client. Enterprise Health Management (EHM) incorporates information from all facets of care, from Care Plans, Assessments and Medication Administration, to Billing, A/R and General Financials, to assess SDoH and improve the quality of care.

Electronic Health Record

Cantata’s EHR, Arize, is the centerpiece of the EHM model. It was developed by and for behavioral health clinicians, caregivers and informaticists, to support the delivery of truly person-centered care. It is a full-featured system that addresses the whole gamut of patient administrative and clinical care needs, including Admission/Discharge/Transfer (ADT) functionality, registration, census management, scheduling, and even resident funds management. Clinical functionality supports workflow management, offers dashboard views of care-related information, as well as all clinical documentation, such as Assessments, Treatment Plans, Progress Notes, and Discharge Plans.

Cantata’s EHR offers:

  • Unparalleled user flexibility. You get real-time, secure access to vital patient information in a fully customizable display and sequence for both onsite and remote staff. The system can adapt to individual preferences and workflows for maximum efficiency and productivity.
  • Greater accessibility. Authorized users can securely access data remotely with a Web browser and an Internet connection.
  • Workflow support. Improves process effectiveness and user performance via workflow management.
  • Automated tasks. A sophisticated rules engine automates many tasks, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and reducing the need for user intervention.
  • Business intelligence capabilities. Delivers real-time, ad-hoc information for a wide variety of ever-changing user requirements.
  • A single source of truth. Users throughout the organization have access to a single, accurate source of information.

Our EHR solution uses an adaptive person-centric design that offers a seamless, device-agnostic experience. It is accessible from computers, phones, iPads, and other tablets. It supports a multidisciplinary team approach to care. It empowers the provider to use the information to direct care and make actionable decisions.

The overall system design provides efficient and unparalleled ease of use, supporting scheduling, documentation, recovery planning, revenue cycle management (billing and accounts receivable), and reporting.

While Cantata provides many standardized clinical forms, providers can generate new or modified document templates supporting Assessments, Care Plans, and Progress Notes. It delivers support for specific locations or processes, such as service areas or intake processing. Examples include primary care, emergency services, social services, psychology, and dietary services.

The solution’s flexibility and ability to define and customize workflows enables the support of contract management, team-based care coordination, and case management workflows. Configurable system alerts and notifications facilitate timely and secure communication between caregivers and clients. It’s also easy to set and review document and contract compliance requirements.

User-friendly reporting and analytical tools support actionable interventions, including measures such as the timeliness of services provided, that allow stakeholders to access available and alternative resources, and supports review of screening and assessment models utilized. Impact analysis can then be performed to validate process modifications and verify service allocation improvements and outcomes.

Engagement Portals

Cantata offers several Engagement Portals that clients of behavioral health organizations can use to understand and enhance their care. The Consumer Portal is an extension of our EHR. Cantata understands that your clients are additional users we also serve, and they need access to their health-related information. Clients can log in to the portal to schedule appointments, complete assessments, pay bills, and message providers! 

Cantata’s Provider Portal is accessible from any device, allowing clinicians to securely message other providers and clients, receive care coordination alerts, access the provider directory, manage client information and documentation, and more!

Finally, the Referral Portal streamlines care coordination, greatly reducing the time it takes for clinical liaisons to screen and accept new residents from other facilities. A unified view into prospects’ records gives behavioral health providers the speed they need to win referrals, plus the insight to select ideal residents for their facilities.

Advanced screening tools within the portal also make it easy for liaisons to spot “red flags” in patients’ records, helping them avoid client acquisitions that could jeopardize their practice financially, reputationally, or legally. Cantata’s Referral Portal helps eliminate guesswork, paper-based workflows, and phone tag from the pre-admission experience by equipping your liaison staff with a centralized, electronic platform.

Private Information Exchange

Cantata’s Private Health Information Exchange (HIE) is a scalable, cloud-based care coordination solution designed to exchange, integrate, and provide data to stakeholders, to manage incoming and outgoing referrals, to connect to provider networks, and to support secure data-sharing and reporting. It features a robust set of configuration tools to meet the needs of organizations of every size. Especially in behavioral health communities, capturing the nuances of various workflows through configuration (versus development) is key to end-user acceptance.

The Centralized Data Repository offers external agencies and providers the ability to integrate with their existing tools, models, and data. The proposed solution is holistic, oriented toward the whole person, not exclusively on their healthcare needs. This model of care allows collaboration across all behavioral health communities.


Cantata Health Solutions thrives at the intersection of person-centered care delivery and operational efficiency. Our revolutionary Enterprise Health Management Solution not only presents critical information to behavioral health professionals in every role, but provides context and insights which make that information truly meaningful. Our hard-won expertise in healthcare technology allows us to meet your current needs, and anticipate those just over the horizon. If you think your organization can benefit from Enterprise Health Management, or if you’d just like to learn more about Cantata Health Solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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