Zach Zettler
Zach Zettler is the Chief Revenue Officer at Cantata Health Solutions. He is responsible for overseeing sales, marketing, customer success, and strategic partnerships. Zach is an accomplished health and human services software industry executive with a history of successfully scaling SaaS businesses by redesigning and innovating go-to-market strategies, teams, and processes.

Before assuming this role, Zach served as the COO and Chief Business Development Officer at Updox. He led the rapid growth of the company’s patient engagement platform for ambulatory healthcare practices and community pharmacies, ultimately culminating in a successful acquisition by EverCommerce. Post-acquisition, Zach assumed the role of President, skillfully navigating the integration efforts of Updox and two other businesses. Prior to his tenure at Updox, Zach demonstrated his expertise in driving growth at Northwoods Consulting Partners and Netsmart Technologies’ public health unit.

Cantata’s customers benefit from Zach’s extensive experience, as he has worked with a wide range of healthcare organizations in both the private and public sectors. He has provided solutions for virtual health, electronic health records, practice management, patient engagement, case management, and public health. Zach’s unique expertise adds value to Cantata’s offerings and ensures that customers receive the best possible solutions for their health information management needs.