Enterprise Resource Planning

Support operational efficiency and enhance compliance for Acute, Post-Acute, and Long-Term Care.

Supporting information sharing across multiple systems

Organizations can now connect information across back office business functions for an integrated patient database. Through real-time information sharing across multiple systems, facilities can share vital patient information to patients seamlessly. Better decision making for both clinicians and administrators.

Operational efficiency

Consolidate and optimize back office functions with general ledger, budgeting, and administrative tools plus a focus on flexible workflows. Our integration with upstream and downstream systems allows your facilities to seamlessly share data without interruption.

Human Resources Support

Less time with technology and more face-to-face time with staff. Reduce HR administrative costs while enhancing workforce productivity with a single sign on interface for all modules, including self-service payroll portals for your staff.

Time and Attendance Integration

Hospitals have a variety of pay rules which are more complex than any other industry. Built specifically to address these complexities, our ERP system reduces the need to manually enter overtime rates and always keeps you in compliance.   

Supply chain and Inventory Expertise

Our ERP system allows facilities to accurately carry less inventory, reduce unwanted supplies, and improve visibility. With data integrations to our EHR, facilities can look forward to precise charge capture and increased productivity.

“Our work with Cantata Health has contributed to the efficiency and growth of our overall operations. This has led to Ernest Health being named among the top ten percent of all U.S. inpatient rehabilitation facilities for the past six years.”

Darby Brockette, CEO
Ernest Health

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