Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson

Chief Technology Officer and General Manager of Managed Services

Scott Anderson is a distinguished Information Technology Executive with nearly 30 years of experience transforming organizations through strategically implementing cutting-edge technology solutions, automation, and highly scalable solutions. As the CTO and General Manager of Managed Services, Scott possesses a wealth of expertise in diverse industries, driving highly available technological solutions, automation, and security/compliance to organizations in excess of 10,000 employees and enterprise applications supporting more than 30,000 concurrent users.

Throughout his career, Scott has demonstrated exceptional leadership and a keen ability to drive large-scale technical initiatives that significantly improve automation, scalability, productivity, security, compliance, availability, and efficiency within organizations. His impressive skillset includes Agile Methodologies, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and a range of certifications from vendors including Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Check Point, and others.

Scott’s achievements have earned him prestigious recognition in the technology industry. He has published multiple articles in industry trade journals on cloud, virtualization, and automation.

A passionate advocate for continuous learning and development, Scott remains actively engaged with the tech community, participating in networking events and staying informed about the latest industry trends. He is committed to leveraging his extensive experience and knowledge to help organizations navigate the ever-evolving IT landscape and achieve their strategic goals.

In his personal life, Scott enjoys spending time with his family, exploring new travel destinations, and engaging in outdoor activities. As he continues to excel in his career, Scott’s unwavering dedication to innovation and improvement will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing success of the organizations he works with and the IT industry as a whole.