NetSolutions User-Defined Assessments

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Are you 100% sure you are meeting the Phase 3 requirements for Trauma Informed Care? Early detection and intervention are now more critical than ever. Being able to identify trauma survivors has been successful with our newest addition to the User-Defined Assessment module.

Our User-Defined Assessments (UDAs) have been peered reviewed by national advanced nursing Professionals nationwide.

When paired with eAssignments, NetSolutions User-Defined Assessments can alert specific staff when a resident has been identified at risk to enable early intervention and Care Planning. The new assessments available are:

  • Beck’s Depression Inventory
  • Impact of Events Scale – Revised (IES-R)
  • Psycho-Social Assessment
  • PTSD Symptom Scale
  • Suicide Risk Assessment
  • Suicide Risk Assessment – RAG

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