Moneyball: Data For a More Sustainable Operation Play Book

The book and movie of the same name, Moneyball, documents how Billy Beane, former baseball player turned general manager of the Oakland A’s, revolutionized the sport. Beane used statistics and data to transform the A’s from a struggling organization to champions. While baseball economics and running a Major League Baseball team might seem distant from running a skilled nursing facility, the fundamentals of utilizing data to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and care can help improve survey scores, generate better star ratings, improve team morale and stability of your team, and create a more sustainable business.

Organizations tend to force team members to read through reams of data and become data analysts in addition to their day jobs. One of the biggest challenges people face with data is where to start. 

You need data points that give you actionable information to:

  • change clinical behaviors
  • improve operations
  • grow revenue and profitability
  • reduce financial and clinical errors
  • improve the quality of care

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