Communication and Collaboration: Tools for PDPM Success 

The new Patient-Driven Payment Model will drive some of the most significant changes in post-acute care in the past 20 years, and providers must be equipped to change culturally, as well as financially and clinically.
Operators must prepare their caregiving teams for cultural shifts. They also need to make sure staff members can manage change and be proactive in addressing conflict.
In addition to offering a review of what PDPM is and outlining changes that need to be made, this webinar will take a deep dive into what providers should be doing to embed needed culture change. Real-world examples of what facilities are doing to prepare will be given. These valuable insights will help providers achieve success before, during and after PDPM implementation October 1.
Watch the webinar to learn: 
  1. How to improve communication within an organization and with referral partners
  2. Ways to implement an interdisciplinary team
  3. What real long-term care facilities are doing now to prepare their teams for PDPM

Watch the webinar