Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) Resource Center

Change is coming on October 1, 2019. What are you doing to prepare?

What is PDPM?

There’s a new payment model coming this year for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), and it will require a completely new way of calculating reimbursements. With the model taking effect on October 1, 2019, skilled nursing facilities will need to prepare now for a new case-mix model that focuses on clinically relevant factors rather than volume-based services.

From helping your staff members understand the shift in mindset to accurately calculating reimbursements rates for your facility, Cantata Health’s NetSolutions platform has the expertise to guide our clients through the upcoming changes.

To ensure accurate payments, skilled nursing facilities need a solution that can:

Reduce risk and ensure accuracy

Increased compliance with clinical decision support tools. 

Gain visibility into data and population

Configurable snapshot views and reporting based on your desired area of focus.

Alleviate administrative burdens

Access to ICD-10 libraries and daily reimbursement rates.

Enable staff to work effectively

Featuring multiple on-site, remote, and on-demand training options.

MDS Scrubber

Providing facilities the ability to better achieve reimbursements and improve care quality outcomes.

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Referral Portal

Streamlining care coordination and fractioning the amount of time it takes for clinical liaisons to screen and accept new residents from hospitals. 

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Seamlessly integrating data from vendors and therapy partners as PDPM requires facilities to take an interdisciplinary approach. 

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Point of Care

Enabling users to capture the Section GG data and supporting the Restorative Nursing program.


Clinical Mapping Under PDPM

Clinical Mapping for PDPM is confusing b/c of all the ICD-10 code options, but we’re here to help!

PDPM: Get Ready

PDPM will be a big shift. Read our recent blog to learn how you can prepare your facility.

PDPM Planning for Success: Phase 1

 This webinar walks you through what you should be doing today to prepare for PDPM on Oct. 1st.

PDPM Calendar

Our recent PDPM Planning Calendar takes your team from April to the big shift in October.

Your Plan of Attack for PDPM

Our recent blog will walk you through each month up to October 1st, and how you can best plan.

April Stars Showers for SNFs?

PDPM isn’t the only shift to come. This blog discusses a few key changes in the near future.

CMS Resources

FY2019 SNF PPS Final Rule

MDS Changes Fact Sheet

Interrupted Stay Fact Sheet


ICD-10-PCS Procedure Codes: FY 2020

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Big changes are on the horizon this October with the implementation of PDPM. We believe that these changes will ultimately result in better care for residents and long-term sustainable profitability for your skilled nursing team and facility. Ask our team of experts any PDPM questions you may have by reaching out to our or filling out our form. 

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