Austin, TX – February 4, 2021

Cantata Health Solutions, a leading provider of Healthcare technology software, is proud to announce the launch of MAVIS, a shared, simple to implement solution that addresses the Multi-Agency Vaccination Data Collection System reporting requirements for New York State human service organizations.

MAVIS collects needed information on both the status of a client’s vaccination as well as the actual provision of a vaccine if your organization is providing them.  The use of this system supports the automated generation of the weekly reports required to complete the New York State compliance requirements.

MAVIS also captures discrete vaccination data such as type of vaccine administered, distinguishing between first and second doses administered, and individuals who decline the opportunity to be vaccinated.

This easy-to-use solution further offers the ability within a health care network to search for provider availability and for people to schedule their own vaccination.

In addition to addressing the new York State compliance, MAVIS may also serve as a vaccination registry for the entire organization.


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