The new version simplifies access to key resident data improving efficiency, patient care, and reporting, plus a defined framework for PDPM implementation.

Austin, TX – April 25, 2019 – Cantata Health, introduced today the spring release of its award-winning software for the long-term care market, NetSolutions. The spring version includes new user-driven dashboards and “My Favorites” reporting, giving professionals one-click access to the most important reports and functions needed for resident and patient care. Quick links will allow one-click access to the most frequently used menu items, and; a new resident selection feature which makes it easier for nurses to easily and quickly access the records of the residents assigned to them.

The new version also includes single-sign-on with new third-party add-on applications including an integrated scrubbing tool for the Minimum Data Set (MDS), infection surveillance, control and antibiotic stewardship, and wound management.

“We continue to focus on our client satisfaction while delivering the features and functionality they need to share information securely across the continuum of care, improve resident/patient health, and have the data they need to manage the financial health of their business at their fingertips,” said Gina Barrett, Director of Long-Term Care Solutions at Cantata Health. “Not only do these new features support their success today, they establish the framework needed for the adoption of PDPM and future models that are sure to come.”

The new and improved features include:

  • Home Page Dashboards – The new Home Page provides one location for a care provider or administrator to easily and quickly access key performance indicators they need to manage their portion of the business, helping to improve care and efficiency.
  • Home Page “My favorites” Reporting – Allows users to establish quick links to the reports and information that matters most to them. “Report favorites” puts the most important reports at the finger-tips of the user.
  • Quick Links – Users can establish quick links to menu items most used during the resident care process.
  • Favorite Residents – allows the care provider to quickly access resident information of patients assigned to them.
  • More than Scrubbing for MDS – SNF facilities can catch MDS errors before submission resulting in higher reimbursements and reduced survey citations.
  • Infection Surveillance and Control – Tools to improve infection surveillance, get a broader overview of antibiotic use and meet CMS requirements.
  • Wound Care – Through a partnership with WoundRounds nursing professionals can improve care and reduce costs as well as save time and labor related to wound care and prevention.

The spring release also includes initial design improvements to support the October requirements for PDPM.

“By working closely with the professionals we serve, we not only progress healthcare outcomes, but the advances in efficacy and efficiency across the facility can improve survey scores and star ratings,” added Barrett.

For more information on NetSolutions, which was the #1 client rated long-term care technology for 2019 according to Black Book visit us here.

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Cantata Health delivers award-winning software for acute, post-acute, and long-term care (LTC) facilities that is purpose-built to improve the health of the facilities and their patients/residents. With Cantata Health’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), financial management, and Electronic Health Records (EHR) software and solutions, leaders can have the confidence to make informed clinical and financial decisions. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, our solutions were developed by healthcare and technology experts who are committed to providing uncommonly attentive support to clients.

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