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Behavioral Health Agency serving 12 states to enhance client care and deliver telehealth services with Arize EHR.

Cantata Health Solutions is pleased to announce its partnership with WellQor, a leading provider of comprehensive behavioral health services for individuals in 12 states across the country. WellQor has selected Cantata’s cutting-edge Arize EHR platform in a strategic move to enhance client care and optimize operations.

With WellQor’s growth, it became clear that a modern EHR solution that puts clinicians first was necessary to simplify workflows, increase efficiency, and support robust documentation and billing processes. The Arize solution will allow WellQor staff to easily provide services through its integrated telehealth module while seamlessly completing clinical documentation. Cantata’s Client Access capabilities will empower WellQor consumers to fully engage in their care, accessing the tools they need to become part of their treatment.

“Today’s healthcare consumers have high expectations and our clinicians need the latest and best technology,” says David Schwam, CEO of WellQor. “We needed an EHR system that would help us effectively deliver the best possible experience for both our patients and our providers. With Arize, our patients and providers will work in the same application and have a truly collaborative experience.”

Arize EHR offers several distinctive features and advantages. It enables 100% online service delivery and provides real-time access to client data, aiding healthcare professionals to make informed decisions quickly. Arize also ensures secure access and data handling, a crucial aspect in today’s digital healthcare landscape.

”Arize EHR’s user-friendly interface and optimized workflow capabilities will allow WellQor’s staff to focus more on their core mission — providing exceptional behavioral health services to the communities they serve,” said Alan Tillinghast, CEO of Cantata Health Solutions. “We are proud to be partnering with WellQor. It’s exciting to work with a provider whose vision for remote service delivery, supervisor efficiency and compliance, and maximizing the revenue cycle process are aligned with our own.”

This collaboration between WellQor and Cantata Health Solutions marks a significant step towards enhanced healthcare delivery and operational efficiency for the behavioral health market. To learn more about Arize or how a new EHR can replace your legacy system and improve care, please visit CantataHealth.com/Lets-Talk.

About WellQor

WellQor was founded to serve the mental health needs of patients across the country. Through their personalized care and collaborative approach, WellQor therapists help their clients love themselves and live their best lives. Learn more at: www.WellQor.com

About Cantata Health Solutions

Cantata Health Solutions is a premier provider of innovative healthcare technology solutions committed to helping healthcare organizations optimize their operations, enhance client experiences, and improve overall outcomes. Focusing on collaboration and cutting-edge technology, Cantata Health Solutions partners with healthcare providers to deliver customized solutions that address their unique needs and challenges.


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