Integrating with Alaska’s Automated Information Management System (AKAIMS) to simplify Medicaid billing.


Cantata Health Solutions, a leading behavioral health and human services technology solutions provider, announces that Tlingit & Haida’s Community & Behavioral Services Division has selected the Arize care management platform. For Tlingit & Haida, a Tribe serving more than 35,000 Alaskan Native people, this significant transition represents a leap forward in optimizing operations and enhancing the delivery of person-centered care to their tribal citizens/participants.

Built with flexibility in mind, Arize will be tailor-fit to meet the unique needs of the growing Tlingit & Haida Healing Center. Arize will provide significant benefits, including seamless workflows, from intake to billing, through a unified mobile-first interface. The integration with the AKAIMS state reporting system demonstrates Cantata’s commitment to delivering solutions that address the specific challenges Alaskan behavioral health agencies face.

“Behavioral health service providers are challenged by older EHRs that often get in the way of delivering quality care,” says Alan Tillinghast, CEO of Cantata Health Solutions. “We believe clinicians deserve better, and that’s what we’re delivering.”

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About Tlingit & Haida

At the Tlingit & Haida Community & Behavioral Services Healing Center, we value treating the whole person (mind, body, spirit) and acknowledging deep connection to tribal values, land, and relationships with others including family, clan, and tribe while preserving our culture and way of life, known as “Haa Kusti” among the Tlingit and “Tlagw íitl’ xíinangaa Gíidang” among the Haida.

We want to instill hope in individuals and families seeking healing and aim for our services to lead you into a satisfying personal journey to wellness.

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About Cantata Health Solutions

Built by behavioral health and human services industry veterans, Cantata Health Solution’s Arize care management platform provides a modern EHR, a complete billing and revenue cycle management solution, and an extensive array of client engagement tools. Arize offers clinicians, executives, back-office staff, and clients a collaborative view of the health record. In an industry dedicated to serving the most vulnerable population, our mission is to provide technology that empowers so providers don’t have to rely on older EHRs that only hinder their progress. Together, we enable those who make a difference to excel.

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