Cantata Health’s nursing and health IT expert, LeRoy Boan ASN, CPHIT, MSIT, discusses the importance of EHR systems that integrate for the success of big data analytics initiatives and ultimately to improve patient-centric care and reduce costs. 

Data is a powerful tool. When used correctly the information obtained from IT systems can provide valuable insight and, in turn, guide strategic business decisions.

The benefits of big data are being realized throughout a number of industries. While the healthcare industry has been slow to adopt big data analytics initiatives, it is exciting to see the long-term care space is moving forward. For example, several state-specific programs are now underway to pull EHR data from long-term care facilities for geriatric analysis. Big data is being seamlessly aggregated from facilities state-wide and analyzed to uncover patterns, trends and other insight among geriatric patient populations. With information in hand, best practices can be developed to improve patient-centric care and reduce costs.

Read the full article in McKnight’s Long-Term Care News.

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