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Cantata will use Arize EHR to replace three legacy systems providing a single Medicaid-compliant solution.

Cantata Health Solutions, a leading electronic health record (EHR) and complete care management platform, is pleased to announce its partnership with A Loving Heart Youth Services. A Loving Heart has selected Cantata’s cutting-edge Arize EHR platform to optimize clinical and operational processes, consolidating multiple systems into one user-friendly solution.

As A Loving Heart continues to grow and expand its services, the organization recognized the need for an all-in-one EHR solution that simplifies workflows, improves efficiency, and supports a robust documentation and billing process. Cantata’s Arize EHR platform will enable A Loving Heart staff to easily document progress notes and complete all billing processes within organizational and payer policies. Arize simplifies the conversion of an encounter to a billed claim, ensuring an easy and accurate process without time-consuming back-end tasks.

“A Loving Heart Youth Services is dedicated to providing exceptional care and support to the youth we serve,” said William Peterson, COO of A Loving Heart Youth Services. “After evaluating Arize, it was clear that Cantata built the platform with clinicians in mind, a refreshing change from other legacy EHR providers.”

Cantata Health Solutions is renowned for its innovative healthcare technology solutions that drive efficiency and improve individual outcomes. The Arize platform offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to help healthcare providers manage all aspects of client care, from scheduling and clinical documentation to billing and reporting.

“We are thrilled to be working with A Loving Heart Youth Services and supporting their mission to provide exceptional care to young people in need,” said Alan Tillinghast, CEO of Cantata Health Solutions.”

Cantata Health Solutions is partnered with more than 270 healthcare facilities nationally and 14 organizations in Ohio, addressing the unique needs of Ohio human services provider organizations. To learn more about Arize or how a new EHR can replace your legacy system and improve care, please visit CantataHealth.com/Lets-Talk.

About A Loving Heart Youth Services

A Loving Heart Youth Services is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive care and support to young people facing various challenges. Through its range of programs and services, A Loving Heart aims to empower youth to overcome obstacles, build resilience, and achieve personal success. For more information about A Loving Heart Youth Services, please visit alhyouthservices.org.

About Cantata Health Solutions

Cantata Health Solutions is a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions that improve client outcomes and drive operational efficiency. Focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction, Cantata offers a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to help healthcare providers manage all aspects of client care. To learn more about Cantata Health Solutions and the Arize EHR platform, visit CantataHealth.com.







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