NetSolutions Features Update

Thank you for making NetSolutions #1 in client satisfaction – we are committed to continuing to improve the user experience and your ability to deliver quality care. That’s why we’re excited to announce our NetSolutions Spring Release! 

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Modify bed hold dates and type – NetSolutions now allows you to modify Hold Start and Hold End dates and to change the Hold Reason. When you edit a bed hold, the Hold Start Date, Hold End Date, and Reason fields are now available to be modified.

Multi-Race Selection – The Race/Ethnicity field on the Basic Information page now enables you to select one or more races/ethnicities for a resident. On the Name and Address History panel, select the Race/Ethnicity dropdown. If a resident has multiple races/ethnicities selected on the Basic Information page, when an MDS assessment is created, NetSolutions marks the correct checkboxes for each selected race on MDS items A1000A, A1000B, A1000C, A1000D, A1000E, and A1000F.

Accounts Receivable

New Payor Selection criteria for the Aged Ledger report – A new Payor Selection panel has been added to the Aged Ledger report criteria that enables you to run the report for all payors or only the specified payors.

Validate reimbursement tables prior to calculating charges – Before calculating charges, you can now run the Invalid Reimbursement Tables report to see all reimbursement tables with errors or warnings.

Write-Off adjustments – Two AR reports–Aged Ledger and Ledger–have been updated so that when a write off is the result of sequestration, or a VBP/QRP adjustment, the description on the report now indicates this.


New Vaccine Master for the Immunization Record – Maintain the list of vaccine types administered in your facility on the Vaccine Master page.

Signature available in eDocuments – Physicians and other staff can now electronically sign eDocuments that are attached to resident records.

Point of Care

Print the new eDocuments reports – NetSolutions eDocuments now provides two reports, the eDocuments report and the Event Tracking report.

Immunization Record

Include Information-Only Interventions in Flow Report – You can now include Information-Only Care Plan Intervention in Point of Care Flow Reports.


Save and load your eCharting session criteria – NetSolutions now enables you to save and re-use your eCharting session criteria.

Resident selection improvements in eCharting – You can now display this dialog in two formats by toggling the button at top right. It can show as a detailed list view without the resident’s photo or it can be displayed showing the resident’s photo with captions beneath. The detailed list view now includes the resident’s date of birth.

Physicians Order

Sign All Orders page – This has been updated so that when the page is opened, the Physician dropdown defaults to Prescribing Physician, and the logged-in prescriber is defaulted into the Select Physician field.


Home Page – A Home Page has been added to NetSolutions. Users will be able to identify Dashboard KPIs pertinent to them to display on their home page. They will also be able to add a favorite reports section for quick access to the 25 most frequently used Census and Clinical Reports.

Quick Links – Users can establish quick links to menu items most used during the resident care process.

Resident Selection Favorites – User will be able to define which residents display in the “Residents” drop-down.

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