All March long, we celebrate Women’s History Month, and today, we recognize the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of females on International Women’s Day! Gender representation is essential across all industries, but more so in healthcare. Women clinicians may have an easier time diagnosing and treating female patients because they know first-hand what they may be going through. In addition, female patients may feel more comfortable discussing physical or psychological issues with a female doctor. In 1849, Elizabeth Blackwell changed the industry forever when she became the first woman to earn a medical degree, breaking the glass ceiling for the women who followed. Now, we see females in all types of roles in healthcare, including CEOs of large health enterprises.

Here at Cantata, we have many tremendous women staff members on the clinical, technical, support, and leadership sides. In this special blog post, we highlight two dedicated, female employees who make a huge impact not just for our bottom line, but for the thousands of patients and providers they serve; Vice President of Implementation and Professional Services, Nancy Brill, and Senior Director of Quality Assurance and Support Services, Julie Fox.


Nancy Brill has worked with behavioral health implementations for over 25 years. Most recently, as Director of Project Management and Services, she was responsible for all corporate projects, which have included the implementations of clinical systems at two major state mental health departments. As Executive Project Manager at PSCH, a large healthcare, and social services organization, Nancy was responsible for the implementation of internal transformation projects focused on improving patient outcomes in the areas of behavioral health, intellectual/developmental disabilities, housing, co-occurring substance abuse behaviors, family support, vocational training, and case management. Her years at Netsmart Technologies, as Senior Vice President of Project Management and Services, were spent on implementations focused on behavioral health and varied in size from small regional organizations to large state hospital networks.  

“I believe in leading by example.  It isn’t enough to suggest to the project teams what should be done and possibly how to accomplish the tasks at hand.  Demonstrating a willingness to be a key contributor to the project builds respect and trust within the team.”

Julie Fox is a self-directed and driven healthcare professional with a comprehensive background in leading care management, program administration, and cross-functional teams. She has been with Cantata since 2007, starting as a Senior Support Analyst. Now the Senior Director of Quality Assurance and Support Services, she is responsible for maintaining and developing all revenue cycle management, clinical, pharmaceutical, general accounting, and Convergence Level I support teams. After implementation, she also oversees new clients’ onboarding applications and technical support processes. Before joining Cantata, Julie worked at two different hospitals in Michigan as a Licensed Practical Nurse and Patient Administrative Services Manager. She utilizes her past experiences from her nursing background in post-surgical and pediatric care to improve care pathways for patients and providers.  

“I believe that being attentive to the needs of our clients and providing innovative, quality applications and support is paramount to patient safety and client satisfaction. My objective is to continually improve myself in the workplace, learn new skills, and advance my knowledge to better support our clients and improve our quality of service.”


We want to take this time to honor and thank all our female employees and clients that are paving the way for future women leaders in healthcare. Whether you are on the front lines of care or behind the scenes operating the organization and the systems that run it, you make a considerable difference in your patients’ lives.

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