A catastrophic event such as a hurricane, earthquake, flood, or tornado can strike at any time and happen every year. Sometimes they’re inconsequential and sometimes they’re big and devastating. Why is it important to your organization to have a plan in place? Because, every year, more than $1.6 billion is lost as a result of data loss and unplanned outages.

Not to fret! We recently announced our Disaster Recovery Program for clients of our award-winning platform for the long-term care market, NetSolutions. Our Disaster Recovery Program is designed to help skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) faced with a natural or unexpected disaster by offering assistance to get their financial and clinical software up and running on the cloud.

With the Disaster Recovery Program, professionals at SNFs are allowed access to a comprehensive, reliable hosting service that promises their financial management and clinical software will be up and running whenever and where ever they need access. By using this system, they will be able to access their systems until normal operations resume. This program is complimentary for clients for 60 days, then clients can then choose to continue using the secure, hosted system for a monthly fee, or move back to their own environment. 

The HIPAA Security Rule requires a data backup plan, a disaster recovery plan, and an emergency mode operation plan for all healthcare organizations. The Rule states that organizations must find reasonable and appropriate security measures for its needs and Cantata Health’s Disaster Recovery Program offers a secure cloud-based environment that helps to create harmony between providers, patients, and payers to simplify coordinated care and accelerate payments in the new world of value-based care. If you have a disaster, by using this system, your users will be accessing your system until normal operations resume.

With hurricane and tornado seasons in full swing, the team at Cantata Health is glad to offer this program to its long-term care clients. Losing resident data can be stressful for the care team and dangerous for the resident, something we are happy to prevent. It’s important to our team that our clients be able to focus on the safety and health of their residents during time of natural disaster.

For more information on NetSolutions, which was the #1 client rated long-term care technology for 2019 according to Black Book visit https://cantatahealth.com/solutions/net-solutions.

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