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The new year is in full swing, and as we approach the end of the first quarter, it’s a good time for healthcare organizations to revisit the goals they outlined at the beginning of 2023. Are you on pace to achieve them? What roadblocks are in the way? Can a technology partner help you reach those goals?

In today’s health ecosystem, healthcare organizations must rely on modern technology to coordinate data from multiple sources to ensure the highest possible quality of coordinated care. Enterprise Health Management (EHM) is the perfect solution for providers of any size or specialty. A suite of integrated solutions built around the newest, most technologically advanced EHR on the market, it allows customers to decide which components best support their operational needs. It comes mobile-ready, meaning your staff can work from home and on the go from any iOS or android-supported device. It easily integrates with any internal or external system, providing a complete, appropriate data set from all modules to each user based on their role-based needs.

Is your staff suffering from EHR fatigue? Are they looking for more modern features? Do you find it difficult to onboard new staff?

Here’s how Cantata Health’s Enterprise Health Management solution can help address these challenges and more!

The demand for behavioral health services is growing at an extraordinary pace, and providers are feeling the pressure to fit their growing number of consumers into their already tight schedules. Cantata’s Arize EHR can help them manage your growing client community. Arize’s Global Search feature allows immediate access to specific client data with a simple search, whether that data is in a   document, lab result, medication record, assessment, etc., by simply typing it into the search bar.

Each staff member can customize the dashboard they will see when they log in. It is fully configurable and can present them with the information most important to their workday, such as consumer roster, upcoming appointments, specialized reports, expiring prescription orders, etc., to help them manage their day ahead.

The user-friendly calendar view function in Arize allows providers to see the schedules of both consumers and other staff members in their organization. They can view appointment details such as the time, site, provider, and reason for visit, side-by-side on the same screen to prepare for upcoming appointments. Providers can schedule appointments, write documentation, and edit group notes from the calendar view. The system can also send appointment reminders via text or email to help reduce no-shows.

Consumer engagement

Enable your consumers to actively participate in their care with access to online assessment tools and diaries. Cantata Health’s Consumer Engagement Portal supports telehealth, messaging, scheduling, and billing that help you to provide care when and where it is needed – all while keeping up with industry standards like MU3/MIPS requirements!

Taking control of your Revenue Cycle

High A/R and claim denials are the most common challenges healthcare organizations face as they manage their revenue cycle. Our robust Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution helps providers reduce operational expenses while increasing revenue. It contains a rich set of capabilities designed to inform, enable, and empower your organization across the revenue cycle, resulting in cleaner claims, lower A/R days, full visibility, and the analytical foresight to drive future success.

Data Sharing

Cantata’s Private Information Exchange (PIE) is a scalable, cloud-based care coordination solution designed to exchange, integrate, and provide data to stakeholders. PIE can help manage incoming and outgoing referrals and provide connectivity to a network of community providers, all while supporting secure data sharing and reporting. PIE helps organizations ensure compliance and maintain data accuracy throughout all their programs.

Medication Management and Administration

With the emergence of pharmacogenomics and fast, accessible care for all, pharmacists are recognized as critical resources in the care process. For pharmacists and prescribers to keep up with new drugs, new consumers, and new orders, they need technology to help safely and accurately manage the medication process. Clinical Decision Support, Identification Verification Technology, and the Generic Alternative Decision Module are several features of Cantata’s Medication Management solution that empower organizations to maximize medication safety and improve client outcomes.

Managed IT Services

Cantata Health understands what matters most to all healthcare organizations: quality patient care and effective financial management. We offer Managed IT Services to help healthcare organizations maximize their technology investment, increase staff efficiency, reduce operational costs, and get the complete picture of a consumer’s health across all points of care. Cantata’s Managed IT Services include Project Management, Application Management, Security Services, Software Training and Adoption, Implementation and Migration support, Quality and Compliance Support, and much more!

Whether you operate a large organization or a mid-sized private practice, Cantata Health Solutions has the tools you need to keep clinical and business operations running smoothly. Take advantage of new technology and all that Cantata and its Enterprise Health Management can offer!




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