New York Statewide Health Care Facility Transformation Program Grants

Cantata is Here to Help

By now you’re probably aware of the opportunity to receive state funding for facility transformation, technology upgrade, or development to expand access to high-quality, coordinated health care through the Statewide Health Care Facility Transformation Program IV and V Health Information Technology, Cybersecurity, and Telehealth Transformation Request for Applications #20258.

The expected total funding pool for awards allocated through this RFA is up to $650 million. Applications are due March 13, 2024.

These links will help you pursue this opportunity for your organization: Grant Opportunity Summary and Full Request for Applications (RFA).

Transform Your Technology with Arize

Cantata’s Arize care management platform is the modern technology behavioral health providers deserve. Built with flexibility in mind, Arize can be tailor-fit to meet the unique needs of growing organizations in any one of the four available funding categories:

Electronic Health Records: The behavioral health-specific platform provides significant benefits, including seamless workflows, from intake to billing, through a unified mobile-first interface. Arize ability to easily integrate with the SHIN-NY health information exchange demonstrates Cantata’s commitment to delivering solutions that address the specific challenges New York behavioral health agencies face.

Cybersecurity: Focused on security, Cantata’s Managed IT Services team implements robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data and environments. It provides secure access controls, continuous monitoring, and comprehensive data encryption to ensure compliance with health information privacy regulations.

Health Management Tools: Cantata offers an array of progressive management tools that help behavioral healthcare providers better engage with clients and stakeholders and make data-driven decisions. These tools are designed to optimize repetitive workflows and enhance operational efficiency.

Telehealth: In the era of digital healthcare, Cantata’s Arize care management platform delivers seamless and user-friendly telehealth capabilities. The outcome is enhanced person-centered care that is more accessible to individuals in areas with limited providers and reduces the need for physical visits.

Act Now!

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to elevate your organization and transform the quality of care for your clients. Our team is committed to standing alongside New York behavioral healthcare providers in their mission to provide person-centered care to individuals in need.

Curious to know more? See how the Arize care management platform can transform your service delivery.

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