When you think of global health, who comes to your mind? I bet you thought of doctors, nurses, public health specialists, disease detectives, and academic researchers. You probably did not think of engineers. That is because they generally stay out of the limelight, but silently keep things powered and running in the background – from water and sanitation systems in the community to ventilators and biomedical devices in hospitals.

Global health engineering may not be sexy, but it saves lives. Take the Covid-19 pandemic as an example. During this crisis, engineers have made huge contributions by delivering oxygen, oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters, ventilators, rapid tests, high-filtration masks, air purifiers, vaccine cold chains, logistics, supply chain management, and mobile apps, and data dashboards, among others. In some places, engineers have built Covid-19 field hospitals within days. But we rarely see them on national television.

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