Virtual Fundraiser Breakfast Pays Tribute to Leaders in the Field of Opioid Addiction Treatment

Cantata Health Solutions, a leading provider of Enterprise Health Management solutions to health and human services providers, was proud to be the primary sponsor of the Third Annual Virtual Fundraiser Breakfast for Stop Stigma Now (SSN), an all-volunteer organization dedicated to eliminating the stigma associated with the medication treatment for opioid use disorder (MOUD).

The Honoree at this year’s event was Dr. Phil Paris, a physician and longtime leader supporting the validity and efficacy of medication-assisted treatment of people dealing with addiction to opioids. Dr. Paris recounted his recognition, early in his career, of the overwhelming stigma associated with this form of therapy, which led to his decades of dedication to supporting people receiving treatment.

Keynote Speaker, Yngvild Olsen, Director of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), was assisted by her Deputy Director, Karran Phillips, who offered both insights into the work done at CSAT and their great appreciation of the efforts of SSN to support their community by promoting the need for broad-based acceptance of this form of addiction treatment.

Guest Speakers at the event included The Honorable Craig D. Hannah, Justice of the New York State Supreme Court, and New York State Senator Pete Harckham, Chairman of the Committee on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, both of whom related their own personal struggles with addiction and expressed their appreciation of the efforts of SSN to reduce reluctance to accept medication-assisted treatment as a valid and effective way of treating opioid addiction.

Cantata was proud to sponsor the event, recognizing the tremendous value of Stop Stigma Now’s mission, the acceptance of MOUD by the general public, the courts, public officials, medical and other healthcare professions, as well as the media. As a leading provider of enterprise health management solutions to behavioral health and substance abuse treatment providers, Cantata recognizes the unnecessary challenge that prejudice directed at the treatment and the patients creates for Cantata’s clients.

“Substance Use Disorder is a disease that affects everyone one of us, either directly or indirectly, and being able to provide continued support to the Stop Stigma Now efforts to overcome perceptual barriers to treatment is a commitment we are proud of.  It is an important part of who we are and what we believe in,” said Adam Feldman, SVP of Business Development, Cantata Health Solutions.

“We at SSN greatly appreciate the support of our friends at Cantata Health Solutions,” said Sy Demsky, President of Stop Stigma Now. “We need the support of the entire community, and I appreciate Cantata stepping forward and taking a leadership role in showing support for our cause. I think the folks at Cantata are particularly aware of the issue of stigma from their many years of work with clients offering substance abuse treatment.”

Cantata Health Solutions looks forward to continuing to support and partner with Stop Stigma Now as they continue their invaluable efforts to eradicate the stigma directed at MOUD patients and providers, and in doing so, to save and rebuild lives.

About Stop Stigma Now

Stop Stigma Now (SSN) is a group of active professionals affiliated with opioid use disorder (OUD) research and treatment, with decades of experience in the treatment of substance use disorders, dedicated to ending the pervasive and ongoing stigma targeting medication treatment, the treatment programs and in particular the patients. SSN exists to inform the general public, the court system, public officials, medical, nursing, and counseling professions, and the media about the overwhelming scientific evidence supporting the success of medication treatment for opioid use disorder. SSN creates, designs, develops, and distributes educational materials (books, pamphlets, posters, ads, cards, buttons, etc.) to help organizations effectively respond to concerns voiced by public officials, medical professionals, the media, the courts, and the community at large. For more information about Stop Stigma Now, visit

About Cantata Health Solutions

Cantata Health Solutions delivers award-winning software, purpose-built to improve the health of acute, post-acute, human services and behavioral health facilities and their patients. Cantata’s Enterprise Health Management (EHM) solutions are highly configurable to meet the unique needs of each facility or healthcare system, providing greater visibility into patient care across the continuum of care, improving both operational and clinical efficiency, and ensuring predictable financial outcomes through enhanced revenue recovery. Cantata’s team of experts provides exceptionally attentive service and support. For more information about Cantata Health Solutions, visit:

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