The communities served by both organizations will benefit from the partnership.

Cantata Health Solutions, a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions for the Behavioral Health industry, has announced that they have entered into an affiliate partnership with the New York Association of Substance Abuse Providers (NYASAP). The goal of this partnership is to better serve the communities that both organizations are a part of.

The affiliation will allow for collaboration between the two groups in order to provide training, education, and resources on substance abuse prevention and treatment. In addition, it will also give NYASAP members special discounts towards access to Cantata’s technology solutions and services. This new partnership is just one example of how Cantata is working to improve the quality of care for those affected by substance abuse.

ASAP’s mission is to support organizations, groups, and individuals that prevent and alleviate the profound personal, social, and economic consequences of alcohol and substance use disorders in New York State.

Lou Desso, CASAC, Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Providers, said, “We are excited to enter into an affiliate partnership with Cantata Health Solutions. I believe it’s the strong match between our similar beliefs in terms of goals for service delivery as well as mutual trust which will allow us both better access & representation within respective communities.”

ASAP offers a variety of educational activities and state-of-the-art resources to strengthen treatment and prevention efforts in New York, and provides valuable information to people interested in problem gambling and chemical dependence.

“Our collaboration with Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers of New York State is inspiring. We are certain that our partnership will result in long-term growth and the opportunity to provide services that benefit the communities we both serve,” said Alan Tillinghast, CEO, of Cantata Health Solutions, Garden City, NY.

Cantata’s mission is to revolutionize solutions that support the delivery of person-centered care through innovation, compassion, and collaboration. Cantata is a true partner in helping organizations focus on their objective of improving people’s lives by assisting them in providing care for their communities.

About Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers of New York State (ASAP)

The Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers of New York State (ASAP) is committed to working together to support organizations, groups, and individuals that prevent and alleviate the profound personal, social, and economic consequences of alcoholism and substance abuse in New York State. ASAP represents the interests of the largest alcoholism and substance abuse prevention, treatment, research, and training providers in the country. We also welcome membership from coalitions, businesses, organizations, and individuals who support ASAP’s mission.

Prevention program members include both school and community-based programs. Treatment program members include out-patient treatment, hospital-based in-patient, and community based residential rehab, methadone treatment, meth withdrawal treatment, and vocational/educational service providers working in collaboration with treatment programs. Research and training members include universities, research institutes, and training organizations. The members of ASAP govern Association affairs through a Board of Directors and its structure of task forces and committees. An Executive Committee is nominated and elected by the membership for a two-year term. For more information about NYASAP, visit:

About Cantata Health Solutions

Cantata Health Solutions delivers award-winning software purpose-built to improve the health of acute, post-acute, and behavioral health facilities and their patients. Cantata Health’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), financial management, and Electronic Health Record (EHR) software are highly configurable to meet the unique needs of each facility or system, providing staff and administrators with greater visibility of patient care across the continuum of care, ensuring predictable financial outcomes, improving back-office operations and clinical efficiency, and enhancing revenue recovery. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, their team of experts provides uncommonly attentive service and support. For more information about Cantata Health Solutions and Arize EHR, visit:

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