Jason Long

Vice President & General Manager – NetSolutions.

Jason Long is an innovative problem solver and experienced executive with a proven track record of successfully leading technology businesses from start to scale. His ability to quickly and effectively shift from big picture thinking to focusing on the details enables him to plan and execute robust strategies.

Jason has built, launched, and led multiple multi-million dollar organizations. He has founded businesses in a variety of industries such as agriculture, healthcare, mapping, and real estate. With over 12 years of experience in building healthcare businesses from the ground up, including radiology information systems and healthcare marketing platforms, Jason has extensive experience building technologies that are focused on serving their customers in the best possible ways.

After 20 years in leadership positions in projects and businesses, Jason has come to understand the art of team building. He believes in the power of motivated teams and individuals. In the majority of his ventures, Jason has installed and led collaborative and creative teams in every aspect of the business, managed the execution of complex strategies, and done so while creating positive and driven cultures.