Improve outcomes from the patient to the bottom line.

Cantata Health Solutions powers the best electronic health record and financial management software for hospitals and behavioral health facilities. Whether your focus is to deliver better care or take control of your finances, Cantata is here to help you succeed and grow.

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Today’s healthcare needs to easily and securely manage claims, connect with their community, and help patients get healthy. Now, effortlessly capture and share your patient’s data across providers and partners to boost your bottom line and make informed care decisions.

Electronic Health Records

Collect and share patient data to improve decision-making across all points of care.
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Enterprise Resource Planning

Bringing facilities together under one centralized solution to better plan and manage the business.
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Advisory and hands-on support to accelerate the transformation of your organization.
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Revenue Cycle Management

Advanced financial management to maintain and automate billing and payments.
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Secure Data Exchange

Secure direct connections to bring all your data together in an easily accessible format.
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Work the Way You Want

We put Health and Human Services, acute, and post-acute facilities, in control of patient care and their bottom line. Our software and services help teams work together to better care and identify growth opportunities that keep facilities healthy and clinical staff happy. 

How We Help

From finance staff to clinical teams, Cantata Health Solutions can help you improve care, enhance financial performance, and get things done.

Care Coordination

For many organizations, the referral process is broken. Care managers are often spending time manually following outdates or inefficient processes, leaving patients responsible for managing their own care.

That’s where Cantata Health Solutions comes in. With our software and services, you get a single place to easily collaborate and manage patient data to ensure teams have the appropriate care plan based on the latest findings. Imagine having the ability to easily connect patients with the right type of care while you limit mistakes or communication issues. It can happen, and we’re here to help.

Denials Management

Accounts receivable shouldn’t be a dirty word. Are your billing and collections processes moving in the wrong direction? Does your finance team feel like they spend too much time processing appeals to a claim instead of getting paid?

Get paid faster. Cantata Health Solutions gives you full visibility into your claims management processes, giving your teams the insight needed to ensure everything from incorrect registration data to duplications are flagged prior to submission. Automations work effortlessly with teams and external providers to transform the way ‘good’ claims are processed and ‘bad’ claims are flagged, incorporating triggers to improve accuracy and completeness of registration data.

Digital Transformation

Hospitals and facilities are facing expectations to modernize their organizations, balancing the needs of today with the expectations of tomorrow. But it’s not a quick change or a simple switch. You need a plan to stay ahead of what’s coming.

Our team of experts have seen market changes from private equity to the federal government shake up expectations on payments and care. By giving everyone the ability to collaborate from a single source of truth, care teams can deliver more effective patient care while finance uses data and workflow automation to better power the organization forward.


Health data exchange is all about putting data to work. From care coordination to turning patient data into actionable insights, interoperability has gone from buzzword to everyday expectation. It’s time for data to follow the patient across every stage of the process.

Leverage secure patient, family, and referral portals to make communication fast and easy. Meanwhile, workflow automation speeds up access to best-practice care plans tailored to how your hospital or facility operates today. Cantata Health Solutions is here to assist with every step of the process, from adoption to implementation to optimization that allows you to get better results from your existing technology investment.

Quality of Care

You can’t just flip a switch to improve the quality of care at your organization. You need to change the way your teams interact with patients, starting at the initial assessment. From giving everyone access to the most relevant data to transfers that just work, hospitals and facilities need to transform to stay competitive.

With Cantata Health Solutions, our focus is outcomes. Improvements in everything from star ratings to the reduced patient length of stay starts with empowering teams to make decisions faster and easier. And by integrating seamlessly with the providers you already work with, Cantata Health Solutions helps everyone from skilled nursing facilities to critical access hospitals get back to the basics – delivering the best care possible.

Real-time Financial Oversight

Minutes, not days. That’s when you need access to the information to grow your organization. It all starts with the health of your hospital or facility, starting with access to core financials.

Cantata Health Solutions is built for growing Health and Human Services, acute, and post-acute, facilities that need greater visibility into their performance. For administrative and finance professionals, our software and services give leaders the ability to automate their most important processes to ensure claims are managed quickly with proactive forecasting performance into potential issues before they happen. Don’t let the software get in the way of growing your organization. We’re here to help.

Workflow Management

In today’s modern environment, teams need a way to automate manual work. From identifying potential issues within a comprehensive claims management process to translating observations into care needs, facilities of all sizes need to streamline processes to stay ahead with technology that fits the way you work.

Automate and standardize workflows based on what patients need today. Cantata Health Solutions helps your teams build workflows to turn observations at the initial assessment into a structured care plan, allowing care teams to deliver consistent care regardless of who’s on the next shift. Meanwhile, repetitive claims management workflows can be automated to minimize errors or extra work, all without an “IT Guy”.

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