Why Arize?

For too long organizations have had to choose inferior EHR solutions to meet their needs.  Older systems may have well-worn functionality but are tied to outdated technology and have been built out beyond their years, even with cosmetic facelifts to hide their foundations.  Many newer systems don’t have the built-in detail and functions that come from a solution partner with years of experience refining a clear workflow necessary to serve the specific needs of Behavioral Health organizations.

Arize is different. 

Decades of form and function have been developed by Cantata in our integrated systems. Applying critical knowledge and experience gained over years, Arize was built from the ground up using state-of-the-art web technologies that power the sites and applications we use daily.  Knowing that extendibility is key for any organization in the fast-paced health and human services industry, an integral component of Arize is to allow organizations to use the tools of the platform to meet their needs in all facets of clinical care, billing and finance, and interconnectivity with other organizations and systems.

The result is a solution unlike any other.
Built to meet the challenges of today.
Ready for what comes tomorrow.

Clinical Tools

  • Simple chart for ease of access
  • Treatment/Care Planning
  • Progress Note/Treatment Documentation
  • Detailed Assessments & Client Histories
  • Medication Management/ePrescribing
  • Reminders/Alerts/Notifications
  • Configurable by your organization
  • Telehealth integration

 Practice Management Tools

  • Outpatient/Inpatient/Residential/Partial Day Program support
  • Scheduling Calendar with modern Staff and Resource management
  • Client Census/Room & Bed Management
  • Full EDI support – 837/835/270-271 (real time) and more
  • Billing/Finance reporting & dashboards
  • General Ledger system integration


Technical Tools

  • Secure hosted 100% web-based solution
  • Responsive design – Browser based, device agnostic and mobile ready
  • Scalable platform to support single facilities to large multi-site/state models
  • Screen Manager tools to build forms from scratch
  • API-driven allowing for ad-hoc extendibility
  • ODBC/SQL compliant with embedded Crystal Reports toolset
  • Document Management – Support for all file-type attachments

Break free from your old EHR.

It’s time to Arize.